About The Zombie Cause

The Zombie Cause is a documentary film project following Doc Ruger’s pod of zombie hunters.  Film crews constantly follow Doc Ruger along with his father the legendary zombie hunter, Pappy 5x, as they instruct Doc’s three sons in zombie behaviors and the art of zombie hunting. His boys Headshot, Silent Blade, and ZB (Zombie Boy) along with their generation may be our last hope to salvage the republic from the zombie threat.  The completion of the documentary has been slowed by the unfortunate demise of many of the film crew  to zombie bites ( perhaps the missing boom guys may have had something to do with Silent Blade – he is on record  for loathing boom guys; we are not stating fact just pointing out some ugly coincidences). Please take time to read the Zombie Cause Dictionary and follow the short films, your life may depend on it.

“We may be dysfunctional, but we’re all still alive”
Doc Ruger

A Doc Ruger cut out greets visitors to the Zombie Survival Store on Sandlake Road in Orlando.

A Doc Ruger cut out greets visitors to the Zombie Survival Store on Sandlake Road in Orlando.

4 comments on “About The Zombie Cause
  1. David Mitchell says:

    I want to be a zombie and I can hook you up with zombie make up artists, too!

  2. Jeff yowa says:

    Just finished ready The Immune. Loved it. I’m a friend of your guy helping to promote your book. He did a great job because I finished it before him. Zombies are my favorite, though, and it’s great your bringing them to central Florida. I’d love to be an extra. Just let Nebo know and I’m there.

    • doclucky says:

      Thanks for your note. Since you liked The Immune I would appreciate it if you would post a review on Amazon.com. Every positive post helps. Many Thanks

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