Photos from horde film shoot . . . more to come

Over the next few weeks we will be posting photos from the “horde shoot” make sure you are receiving email updates to the blog by clicking on the email update in the right sidebar.

Monoclasp Sautter

A monoclasp


Zombie Animation virus commonly infects families.


If you see this on your doorstep he’s probably not selling bibles.


Silent blade demonstrates how to walk through a horde. If you rub your skin with fresh cut zombie parts the other zombies won’t notice you . . . sometimes.


Just another typical day at the Zomborosa.


Yes some zombies have good dentition.


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3 comments on “Photos from horde film shoot . . . more to come
  1. Simba Durio says:

    These photos are absolutely amazing! Good job, we really had a great time being zombies. Anytime we can give back to you Lucky for all the great things you do in the community we are more than happy to help.

    • says:

      Hey Simba, perhaps you could help me with my latest escapade. Like everybody I did the ALS ice water bucket challenge. We are trying to get the video to go viral, (I just posted a few minutes ago so not too many views yet). Watch the video and please post and email the message and link to your friends.

      The summer of 2014 will be remembered as the summer of the ALS ice water bucket challenge. This was definitely a fun craze that has raised millions for ALS research. Crazes do end, but the need for research dollars doesn’t. Imagine another twist, videos gone viral seem to be perpetual, so our thought is to give all money generated from You Tube from this video to the ALS foundation. This only makes a difference if this weird little video goes viral and that’s where you come in. Please send this video link to ten close contacts with this message and ask them to do the same. Watch often and with a little luck the ice water bucket challenge will get royalty checks for years to come to use in the battle against this devastating disease.

      Strong work to those that pass this on, you are good people.

      Many thanks
      Doc Lucky Meisenheimer

      Watch Doc Lucky’s ALS Ice Water Bucket challenge Rube Goldberg machine here:

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