We need zombies!

The Zombie Cause ™ will be filming a sizzle reel for a reality show on Saturday Aug 16th.  We need more zombies.

The Zombie Cause ™ will be filming a sizzle reel for a reality show on Saturday Aug 16th. We need more zombies.

Emergency Alert! Lucky is in desperate need of zombies on Saturday August 16th.  The “Zombie Cause™” is filming a sizzle reel for pitching itself as a reality show.  Lana Turner was discovered at a soda fountain; therefore you could very well be discovered as part of a horde attack (probably not).  This could be your ticket to Hollywood lights, fame, success, fortune (sadly we are referring to future fortune, which you will be propelled into as this is a non-paying gig). So here are the things you need to do to help Lucky out. (we need about 50-60 zombies for our horde so bring friends – you can tell them they will be handsomely paid as long as you do the paying). If you have never seen a Zombie Cause video then check out this commercial that the Zombie Cause filmed for the Zombie Survival Store. (short edited versions of this are currently showing as TV commercials locally – at least the ones that weren’t banned). CLICK HERE

1. Email him your intent to participate or leave a dismembered hand or foot with your name on it at his doorstep.
2. Non- swimmer zombies should arrive around 8:15 for makeup.
3.The film shooting will be from about 9am to 11:30am. We will have a full professional film crew on site (This is a serious film shoot)
4. We will have drinks and refreshments for all zombies.
5. Don’t wash hair or shave (the longer the better)
6. We have zombie clothes but if you have your own feel free to bring them. No Logos on clothes. Don’t cut clothes with scissors only tear or rip the clothes. Really dirty / muddy clothes are the best and really beat up muddy shoes are excellent.
7. For swimmers we will ask most men to go shirtless (You may insert your own witty comment about our female swimmers here, but I am not going there).
8. This can be a family affair (just like the Ebola virus), but if you are bringing children they must be able to follow directions and especially not smile (we will have smile police and if any zombies are smiling they will be pulled and set on fire.)
9. Don’t apply your own zombie makeup we will give you the look you need.
10. We will give everyone some SWAG at the end of the shoot for participating.

For a little more on how to walk and act like a Zombie Cause ™ zombie please watch this video “How to be a Zombie Cause™ zombie.”
Many thanks for your help on this. Lucky

You can email Lucky with your intent to participate at LuckyJ@MSN.com

We have been so successful clearing the Zomberosa of zombies, that we don’t have enough to film our Sizzle reel.  Help us out on Aug 16th (your last chance to do something fun this summer). We will infect you with zombie animation virus. film you, head shot you and burn your carcuas doesn’t that sound fun.

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