Doc Ruger in the chomper vat

It is very hard to collect “choppers” aka rolling choppers, which are decapitated zombie heads that remain living for a few days, if the nano tubular network is not too disrupted during decapitation. We have found a higher success rate when we harvest choppers underwater than on land. We are not sure why, but it may have to do with slowing down of the decapitation process, or possibly the water redistributing the vector forces away from the nano tubular network.  Below you can see Doc Ruger in a “chomper vat” with a successful collection attempt. It is best to be in the vat and have your assistant drop the zombie in rather that getting in a vat with a zombie. The zombie  is usually disoriented for a moment on entry and that is when it, best to attempt the decapitation. Normally the assistant would stand at the top looking down with a gun at the ready, but Headshot put his protective suit over his holsters so he is seen climbing down to take off the suit.  This could have been a real problem for Doc Ruger had the decapitation attempt not been successful on the first try.

Doc Ruger in a chomper vat with a newly harvested chomper.

Doc Ruger in a chomper vat with a newly harvested chomper.

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2 comments on “Doc Ruger in the chomper vat
  1. adrian ron freeman says:

    So what happens after you do that? Are they left in the vat to ferment to make “Zombie wine” or whatever? If wine is being made, will you sell a bottle to me? If yes, how much is it? I prefer the red “Zombie Wine”. Thanks for your dedicated service to cleanse the world of ZOMBIES.

  2. Audrey Carter says:

    Seems like a good torture chamber to me. I know a couple of people I would like to use it on…….although Adrian has a good question, though I prefer white wine.

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