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Man - O - War Swim Team 2017 Special Olympics

Man – O – War Swim Team 2016 Special Olympics

2017 marks our 24th year swimming at the YMCA Aquatic Center. Last year was a great year with multiple new team records and great swims by everyone.

Coach Lucky Meisenheimer started the program in 1993 and my how we have grown!  We encourage all Special Olympics swimmers to come out and join our program for the  2017 season.  We will use this blog to update information about the team during this year’s season. Make sure you email subscribe by going to the right-hand sidebar and clicking on the email subscribe box.  All the links to our website can be found in the right sidebar as well.

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Please vote for Coach Lucky

Although several of you have already voted not everyone on the team knows that The World Open Water Swimming Association has nominated me for the Man of the Year. It’s an international award, and there is open voting. An American hasn’t won in six years. I hate imposing, but I would much appreciate your vote.

You must register for your vote to count (please note comments are not votes) and the task can be a bit confusing, so I have added screenshots below to take you through the process. It should take 4 minutes.

When you are done voting, please leave a comment on the site that “everyone should join Lucky for a lake swim.”

After you finished could you also click on this email link and put “voted” in the subject area, we have a committee tracking votes, and hopefully, this keeps you from being contacted again. ivoted@luckyslakeswim.com

Many, many thanks,

Coach Lucky

Step 1 Click on the Link below. (Think of this as starting down the rabbit hole)



Step 2 Click on voter registration (so far so good, the white rabbit is pleased)












Step 3 Fill out the form (From this point on ignore any advice from talking caterpillars)



Step 4 The screen below will appear. First click on vote here, then 2017 awards. (Halfway there, time to rehydrate and eat cake but don’t eat the mushrooms)



















Step 5 This is the confusing part you have to log in again. So click the login where the red arrow is pointing (Stay focused, avoid the Mad Hatter’s party)
















Step 6   Now put in your password and login again. (I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel or is it a weirdly glowing grin of a cat?).


















Step 7 Click on 2017 WOWSA awards and scroll down (I know, doesn’t this feel like deja vu)















Step 8 Stop scrolling when you see the big green check mark on the screen below and then click the link next to it (this is getting crazy, I think I hear the Red Queen coming)























Final Step (vote quick before the Queen starts the jury selection)
You should see a message that says thanks for taking our Survey. (If you have the Queen’s tart you may eat it now)

Many Thanks for voting and if you don’t mind one more task, please leave a comment that “everyone should join Lucky for a lake swim”


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State meet update for Sunday

More updates with excellent swims at State Meet.  Taylor Merriam first in both 25 free and 25 back.  Regan Elzeer second 25 free and Seth Hurdle third 25 free and second in 25 back.

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Congrats to our State Meet Swimmers!

I only have photos and results from yesterday (Saturday) so far, but everyone has done great!!  I’m very proud of all our swimmers.  Coach Larry reports the following results from the meet. Jesse got three Golds, Gregg got three golds, Ian got three golds, JD Graham got three golds,  Edwin 1 gold and a fourth and fifth place, Steven Deutch three goals, John David a bronze and a gold, Chad two Silvers and a gold, Mike Malamas one bronze and a gold, Jason a gold and two bronze, the medley relay won gold and both freestyle relays won gold, Maisha took two 8th places.  Mark Lano finished with two golds, and one silver and William Westman also had two golds and one silver. Unfortunately there were no new team records set; however, this should not be too surprising as our record board is very fast!  I will post other results as I get them.

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Practice tonight at our normal time.

The YMCA has informed me they will be open by the time we have practice tonight.  If you call the YMCA Aquatic Center right now you just get an answering machine message.  If you are on the roster for the State Swimming Championships (See the previous post if you aren’t sure) be prepared to confirm with us tonight that you will be attending.


Coach Lucky

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Preliminary State Meet Entries.

First, I hope everyone is safe from the storm.  As of now, we will be having practice on Tuesday as the YMCA is still scheduled to open again on Tuesday morning.  This could change.  As soon as I find out about any closings I will send out a report, but for now, plan on practice Tuesday evening.

Below is a preliminary State Meet entry list.  This may not be “final” if some folks can’t attend.  If you know you can’t swim that weekend and you are one of the 13 swimmers listed make sure you let us know ASAP.

We were allocated 13 spots for State Meet. Slots were filled first by the members of winning A relays and then based on the number of individual wins an athlete had during Area Games, then by times for filling the B relay.  I would have liked to have taken everyone, but this is not possible.  Alternates are Michael Derayunan, Edwin Vasquez and Omaet Santiago if any swimmers pull out then their slots can be filled by these alternates.

Important!!! We have alternates that can fill slots if you can’t go let us know ASAP!

We will be asking everyone to confirm by Tuesday evening at practice.

Please let Sarah Haywood know if you can’t go.

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Area Games Results!

Congratulations to all our swimmers a great Area Games and a fun Movie Night at Coach Lucky’s last week.  Now we enter the final preparations for State meet which is only about 6 weeks away.  The results for the area games are shown below.  We had  55 first place swims!!  Almost everyone scored at least one first place win.  A special shout out to the following swimmers that won both their individual swims. Kim Bird, Aaron Brock, Ana Isabela Cubilos, Gregg Dedic, Michael Derayunan, Steven Deutch, Regan Elzeer,  Jason Graham, Jesse Greeve, John David Haywood, Sohan Khubchandani, Mark Lano, Maisha Louis-Jeune, Mike Mallamas, Jason Munoz, Ian Soules, Michael Tortorella, Chad Vanscoter.

We don’t have our allotment yet for State Meet.  With so many swimmers with golds, it means we will again be leaving some very worthy swimmers behind.  As soon as we get our allotments I will get the State meet roster out to everyone.

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Great Area Games

The Man O War swim team produced many great swims this Saturday at the Area Games.  There were so many blue ribbons won by our team that we lost count.  No new team records fell during this meet, but Gregg Dedic tied the 100 back men’s open record held by Jesse Greve.  This is the first time two swimmers on our team have held the same record.  Our Men’s Medley Relay continued its winning streak remaining undefeated the last 24 years in the Area Games (something to be proud of).

It will be a few weeks before we have all the final results, and it will take a few more before we are told our lottery allotment for State meet.  Most likely, as in the past, not all of our swimmers will be allowed to attend. Selection is based on key relay placement and individual performance.

A reminder that there is no practice on Tuesday as it is Movie Night at Coach Lucky’s.  The movie starts at 7:30 pm and ends at 9 PM.

Check out more photos from the meet on our Facebook page.  If you have not signed up for the MOW facebook page please do.  Also feel free to post your photos of our team on the site.

The MOW swim team wins the Men’s medley relay for the 24th straight year.


Who let those super models on the pool deck . . . oh, wait no it’s the MOW women’s medley relay, my mistake.

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Swimming Area Games tomorrow AM!!

Just a friendly reminder that the Area Games are tomorrow at the YMCA Aquatic Center. You must attend to qualify for State Meet.

Most of our swimmers are on relays. If there is a sudden emergency where your swimmer cannot attend please contact the coaches ASAP.  Do not leave the meet until a coach has confirmed that you are not needed on a relay.

Swimmers need to wear their racing suits  (if you have ordered one it should be at the meet, but bring an extra just in case).  Don’t forget your goggles and towels and a snack (there is no lunch provided).

Parents need to be aware that chairs will not be allowed on the deck (coaches may have chairs but only in the restricted roped off coaches area).  Stadium seats are okay to bring.

Swimmers should plan to arrive at 8:30 am.  Coach Sam and Coach Larry will be running the warm up in the main tank.  Coach Lucky will arrive at 9 am as he has some obligations at the lake swim he must take care of before getting to the YMCA.

The timeline has the meet ending at 12:20 pm  – we shall see!

NO PRACTICE on TUESDAY   –  Movie Night at Coach Lucky’s  7:30 – 9 pm

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Area Swimming Games are on Saturday August 19th


Saturday, August 19, 2017


SITE: YMCA Aquatics Center, 8422 International Drive, Orlando, 32819

TIME: Warm up – 9:00 – 9:20; all competition starts at 9:30 ALL MOW swimmers in Coach Lucky’s group should be at the pool by 8:30 AM.  All swimmers in Coach Apryle’s group should be at the pool at 9:00 AM

Events Offered: Teaching Pool – Floatation events, etc.; Diving Well – Lead up Events and 25 Meter Events; Competition Pool – all regular events 50 meters and up.



  • No lunch will be provided for this event. Please plan accordingly. Please bring snacks the relays sometimes don’t get done until 2pm. Bring plenty of water and drinks it will be hot!
  • Please bring athletes to the staging area 10 min. prior to event start time.
  • There will be stroke and turn judges for all races, which means there will be disqualifications if the strokes and turns are not done legally.
  • Three Awards Area – Competition Pool, Diving Well and Teaching Pool, awards will be written and put in the county baskets, we will have a presentation of awards on request.
  • Most of MOW swimmers are on relays, so plan on staying to the end of the meet.  Please don’t leave the pool without checking with the coaches after you have finished your individual events.
  • No chairs can be brought into the facility (you may bring in stadium seats for the stands) You may see coaches with chairs inside the roped off restricted area, but you must be a coach to enter this area.

We have one more practice on Tuesday before our big meet. Let’s have everyone try to show up.  If you have any questions bring them up on Tuesday at practice.

It should be a good meet for us!

Coach Lucky





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Team Photo and more . . .

A great night tonight.  Team photo, team suit fitting, and County Games all in one evening and we pulled it off.  Everyone swam exceedingly well and although we didn’t see any new team records fall there were several that were close and may fall during Area Games.  We had over 15 swimmers swim times faster this year than the last county games so this is showing good improvement.  The Area games event entries we will post on our Facebook page (please follow the page if you have not done so) once they are submitted.  If you did not swim in County Games make sure you contact coach Larry so we can get times for you. Coach Lucky will be gone the next two practices.

Group Photo of the Ford Modeling Agency, New York . . . wait, no, my mistake this is the 2017 Man O War Swim Team photo. I think you all can understand that at first glance we all look like a bunch of super models, and no there was no photoshopping this image we all look that good naturally.

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