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Man - O - War Swim Team 2017 Special Olympics

                                                                                      Man – O – War Swim Team 2016 Special Olympics

2017 marks our 24th year swimming at the YMCA Aquatic Center. Last year was a great year with multiple new team records and great swims by everyone.

Coach Lucky Meisenheimer started the program in 1993 and my how we have grown!  We encourage all Special Olympics swimmers to come out and join our program for the  2015 season.  We will use this blog to update information about the team during this year’s season. Make sure you email subscribe by going to the right hand sidebar and clicking on the email subscribe box.  All the links to our website can be found in the right sidebar as well.

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2017 Swim Season Rapidly approaching!

Man-O-War swimmers and parents.

It’s official, the 2017 Special Olympics swim season will begin with practices starting on Tuesday, June 6th.  This is our 24th season and it promises to be an exceptional one. Plan on coming to the first practice prepared to swim. (bring suit, goggles, and towels).  Apryle will be doing evaluations of all the new athletes and the teaching pool group needs to arrive by 7 PM.  Lucky’s group should arrive at 7:30 pm.  We will firm up these times as we get closer to June the 6th.  We have also confirmed that Area Games will once again be hosted at the YMCA Aquatic Center on Saturday, Aug 19th so please be sure to mark this on your calendars so you can attend (Area Games are required to be able to qualify for State Games). As soon as we have the entire season schedule together we will post it.

I look forward to seeing everyone in the 2017 season.

Coach Lucky

Man - O - War Swim Team 2017 Special Olympics

2016 Man – O – War swim team.

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State meet recap

Sounds like everyone swam well at State Meet.  No new team records, but a lot of great swims.

Coach Larry reports:

We had some individual best times but I am not sure if we had any team records (we did not). Our medley relay won by 10 seconds, our freestyle relay DQ by an early take off. We had one individual DQ. Our medley relay was 2:48.43 , Ian was 3:02.73 200 freestyle, Gregg went 1:18.77 hundred back that may be a record (missed the record by one second),  Aaron went 4 8 for the 50 freestyle,  Mark went 40.5 for the 50 free and died.  Jesse went 30.7 for the 50 free, Jesse was 1:08 for the hundred free.  Chad went 55 for the 50 backstroke almost got disqualified for going too fast,  Gregg went 2: 54.6 for the 200 back. Maisha went 1:33 .5 for the 50 breaststroke and also got gold in the 50 freestyle. Some of our swimmers had real good first swims and then their second swims we’re not quite so good, everybody was happy on the whole

Coach Apryle reports:

Taylor dropped 5 seconds to take 1st in the 50 free.  She did her best time in the back also taking a bronze.  Sydney dropped an amazing 7 and a half seconds in the 25 free taking gold and dropped another 5 seconds in the 25 back taking silver.

A great end to a successful season.  If you can keep swimming during our off season that would be great!  If not we will see everyone next spring!

Coach Lucky

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State Meet Qualifiers

After tabulating all the results for Area Games we have come up with the State Meet Roster for the Man O’ War swim team.  As in previous years we had more winners at Area Games than we had slots to go.  For Coach Apryle’s group the roster decision was made by lottery.  In Coach Lucky and Larry’s group the decision was made based on overall individual finishes and membership on A relays at Area Games.  A reminder that all of our coaching staff would like to have had all of our individual event winners go to State. Needless to say this is reasonable and fair. This is not how the State Special Olympics runs the aquatics competition.  Over the years our team and coaches  have voiced our displeasure with the current system, but the bottom line is, they at the State level are not interested in change.  Congrats and good luck to all those that will be going to State.  Barcroft Media is filming a television segment on yo-yos at coach Lucky’s house that weekend so he will be unable to attend.

2016 State championship qualifiers


Men’s Medley Relay

Dedic, Greggory       + 100 Back & 200 Back
Greve, Jesse            + 100 Free & 50 Free
Soules, Ian               + 100 Breast & 200free
Westman, William + 100 Back & 100 free


Men’s Freestyle Relay

Vanscoter, Chad                 +50Free & 50Back
Mallamas, Robert (mike)  +50 Breast & 100Breast
Sherman, Douglas              + 100Back & 100free
Lanno, Mark                       +100Free & 50Free

Individual Event Swimmers

Haywood, John David – 50free & 50Fly
Washburn, Serena        – 50Free & 50Back
Louis-Jeune, Maisha    – 50Back & 50Breast
Brock, Aaron                   -50Free & 50Back



Teaching Pool Group

Taylor Merriam

Syd Lambert

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Great Meet! Movie night Tuesday!

Fantastic Area games today.  The team swam well and the coaches are all proud of everyone’s swims.  No new team records were broken at this meet, but our swimmers got fistfuls of ribbons.  If you did not pick up your awards we have them and will bring them to our next swim practice.

Reminder: next Tuesday we have no practice as it is movie night at Coach Lucky’s.  Plan on being there at 7pm and the movie should be over around 8:45 to 9pm.   (address 6645 Lake Cane Drive)

Edwin and Aaron proving once again that swimmers are babe magnets.

At Area Games: Edwin and Arron proving once again that guy swimmers are babe magnets.

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Area Games this Saturday

Area games are Saturday and here is the information that you need to know.

  1. All athletes need to arrive at 8:45AM  If they are late they will miss their warmup. If they are really late they will miss their event.
  2. The meet is NOT  allowing folding chairs on the pool deck.  If you have a stadium seat for the stands this should be okay.
  3. There will be no lunch provided so bring snacks for your athletes; however there will be a concession stand.
  4. If some cataclysmic event will prevent your athlete from attending please let Coach Lucky,  Coach Larry, or Coach Apryle know as early as possible as this will affect our relays.  If someone is sick the day of the meet please call and let us know early so we are not waiting and wondering.

It should be another great area games for us!!!!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 6.40.44 PM


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County Games tomorrow (Tuesday) 7:00PM

Just a friendly reminder that county games are tomorrow at the YMCA Aquatic Center.  Athletes should try arrive at 7:00pm.  We will need parents to volunteer as timers.  Remember you must attend County Games to get a time to qualify for the Area Games, which will be held on August 20th.

Congrats to Jesse Greve  who broke his team record in the 200 free and 200IM this summer.  Team Records Here


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Team suit fitting next practice.

Our next practice (Tuesday) we will have our team fitting for swim suits.  Please everyone try to show up.  Coach Apryle’s group needs to arrive at 6:45pm and Coach Lucky’s Group should plan on arriving at 7pm.  We will have our practices at the regular scheduled times following the fitting.

A great time was had by all the swimmers that came to the pool party today and a special congrats to John David and Gregg Dedic who both swam the lake prior to the party. Several swimmer friends of Lyn Meena swam today in her honor including her son.IMG_2635 IMG_2637 IMG_2654 IMG_2662 IMG_2676

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Pool Party Saturday at Coach Lucky’s house

Just a quick reminder that our annual pool party is this Saturday at 9AM-11AM at coach Lucky’s house.  Map to coach Lucky’s house

Address is 6645 Lake Cane Drive Orlando. Make sure you bring your swimsuits and towels.

Several University of Florida Swimmers will be swimming the lake prior to our party to honor Coach Lyn Meena and a few may stay to play water volleyball with us.  It should be a great game. I hope everyone can attend.

Coach Lucky


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Team Photo – Pool Party update

Just a reminder the pool party at Coach Lucky’s house was switched from July 2nd to July 16th. Please update your calendars.  Everyone have a wonderful 4th of July.

This is one good looking group of people.

This is one good looking group of people.

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Team Photo next Tuesday, Pool party date changed.

Just a reminder if you did not get the message last practice, but we will be taking the team photo during practice next Tuesday June 28th during practice.  If you have team suits please wear them or your racing suits.  Also please bring a smile to wear.

We have also changed the pool party date to July 16th (a Saturday) Lucky has a conflict on July 2nd.  In addition Lucky’s Lake Swim is also doing a special swim on July 16th to honor our Coach Lyn Meena who passed away a few weeks ago. If any of the Special Olympics athletes are interested in doing the swim prior to our party please contact coach Lucky or coach Larry so we can arrange chaperone swimmers for you. The party will start at 9am and go to 11am.

Congratulations to Gregg Dedic who represented the United States S.O. open water swimming team for his excellent swim in the one mile Flowers Sea swim held in Grand Cayman.  Gregg finished 187 out of over 900 swimmers.  Also in the photo is Nathalie Nickson (coach Apryle's daughter) who was Gregg's united partner in the swim (186th) Coach Lucky (46th) and coach Lucky's son's Jake (10th place) and Max (95th)

Congratulations to Gregg Dedic (far left) who represented the United States S.O. open water swimming team, for his excellent swim in the one mile Flowers Sea swim held in Grand Cayman. Gregg finished 187 out of over 900 swimmers. Also in the photo is Nathalie Nickson (coach Apryle’s daughter) who was Gregg’s united partner in the swim (186th) Coach Lucky (46th) and coach Lucky’s son’s Jake (10th place) and Max (95th)


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