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Lucky's Lake Swim

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7 comments on “Whats Your Rank
  1. RobertPoma says:

    I was lucky enough to complete my first lake crossing in late January 2013 on a Saturday when there was a big ceremony with live music & champagne! Thank you for welcoming me and allowing me to sign the wall! I have a great time whenever I am able to swim there. Thank you to Lucky and your family!

  2. Garfield Thomas says:

    Looking forward to our yearly visit in March. 12th-19th Always envious of your all year round swims.

  3. Gerry Kennedy says:

    Coming to Orlando for holiday week after next . Really looking forward to swimming at your lake.
    See you soon.

  4. PaulDillman says:

    I just started swimming for sport. Im very happy I found you at Lucky’s Lake! BTW, Im probably the only Biker in the area with a Luck’s Lake Swim Patch on my biker vest!

  5. yannick says:

    Arriving from France and first time at lucky’s lake, beautiful place for swimming. You guys are really lucky to have such a place for open swimming, it’s simply amazing. And all for free.
    First time too for swimming with turttles !
    I swam two rounds with my new friend Ceasar and thanks to him i could have a shower and write my name on the “hall of Fame” wall. Hope tomorrow could i have a picture with the gator.

    See you tomorrow for my last day in Florida.

  6. thanks for all the support today on my first Lucky’s Lake swim

  7. Anne Grabowski says:

    Planning on Swimming this Saturday, April 1st.

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