Happy New Year from Lucky’s Lake Swim

Nearly 30 swimmers braved the 65-degree water to swim into the new year.  Lucky was disappointed as he was told that Mariah Carey was going to bring him hot tea at the completion of his swim.  She was a no-show with the hot tea and I am sure this will add even more controversy to the Mariah Carey-hot tea-disaster which is dominating the Twitterverse. Amazingly 8 swimmers did their swim sans wetsuit (this I believe qualifies them for a free exam at the local psychiatric unit).

During the photo, Gene thought we were setting up to play football.  He rushed the camera person after the photo but missed the tackle.  He blamed the incident on climate change.

We are back to our routine schedule starting tomorrow (Tuesday) 6:30 am M-F 7:45 am Sat.  If you are planning on swimming later this week you may want to bring your ice picks.

Happy New Year 2018 at Lucky’s Lake Swim

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Last chance to vote for Lucky & New Year’s Day Swim

New Year’s Day Swim (Monday) will be at 7:45 AM  (No swim on New Year’s Eve Sunday)  It will be chilly but our turnout is usually excellent!

Press Release: Hometown Hospitality Inspires Nomination for International Award

Dr. Lucky Meisenheimer Nurtures Community, Clean Water, and Pure Joy

Nominated for Man of the Year


The World Open Water Swimming Association

There is a vote, the DEADLINE: Sunday December 31, 2017



Meet Dr. Lucky Meisenheimer: Hosting Lucky’s Lake Swim for 28 years, inviting open water swimmers from around the world to his lake-front property, becoming friends with people he’s just met, and encouraging skilled swimmers to plunge into Lake Cane six days a week—at no cost. Lucky’s vitality, along with his family’s gigantic generosity, make us in Orlando and Orange County and Florida, and people in far flung parts of this planet, better. Happier.


Nominated by WOWSA (the World Open Water Swimming Association) Lucky is in a field of ten candidates – each a person of world-class accomplishment. One man swam the entire length of the Danube river – another is President of the Afghanistan Swimming Federation. Everyone in every country is eligible to vote – the only requirement is that you must register with WOWSA for your vote to count – it is free! And you will not be spammed. A United States swimmer has not won this award in the past six years.


Explaining to his neighbors why he needs their votes, Dr. Lucky Meisenheimer remarked, “It is an honor to be considered among the world’s most accomplished open water swimmers. Hosting the lake swim is a joy.”


But there’s more…Lucky helped save the YMCA Aquatic Center on I-Drive when it needed funding. He started the Lake Cane Restoration Society when the lake needed defending. He has coached our hometown Special Olympic swimmers for more than two decades, while he and his wife Jacquie were raising three boys of their own. And he’s sponsoring Central Florida’s Underwater Hockey Club!


Yes, Lucky is a local force for good. Friends and neighbors, today we have the chance to encourage good in this world.


Want to know more about Lucky? Go to his webpage www.luckyslakeswim.com or look for Lucky’s Lake Swim on Facebook. And check out the non-profit www.lakecane.org—Lucky is the President of the Board.

Questions? Contact: Jay Madigan Executive Director, Lake Cane Restoration Society

jay@jjmadiganllc.com (614) 403 – 7723

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Holiday Swim Times and more!!!

Attention! Join our other 544 Lucky’s Lake Swim blog subscribers by signing up (look in the column to the right at the top right below the search field)

Yes, the holidays are among us so we will have a few important time changes for the swim.

Holiday Lucky’s Lake Swim Times

Today thru Dec 20th (normal swim times)
Dec 21-23 (Thurs-Sat)  7:45 AM

Dec 24 (Sunday and Christmas Eve NO SWIM
Dec 25 (Christmas Day) NO SWIM (Most of us will be opening  presents except for Heff who will be trying to figure out what to do with all that coal and those switches he finds in his stocking)

Dec 26th  (Boxing Day) 7:45 AM
Dec 27-Dec 30th (Wed – Saturday) 7:45am
New Year’s Day 7:45AM

January 2nd back to normal schedule 6:30 AM M-F  7:45 AM Saturdays

MANY OF YOU HAVE BEEN MISSING UNDERWATER HOCKEY PRACTICE.  (We play M-W-F at the YMCA Aquatic Center at 7:30pm)  Come join us! We’ll change your life!

Since we have started the Butterfly Mann award many have asked what does it feel like to swim 1000 meters butterfly without turns.  Well, if you go to the World Open Water Swimming Assoc (WOWSA) and register and then go through all the machinations to vote for Lucky you will find that it is a similar painful experience (but with the swim you at least get a bumper sticker when you are done.) So please go to the WOWSA site, register (you must register for your vote to count) and discover your pain threshold. After you have voted please make a comment on how we would like all the voters to join us for a swim in the future.  (If you feel like quitting halfway through the voting process, please remember, Lucky once almost quit chocolate, but he didn’t, because he’s not a quitter, don’t be a quitter vote for Lucky – and then go get a piece of chocolate and Lucky will eat it for you.

I know what your are thinking. Our Executive Director of the Lake Cane Restoration Society finally located his name on the wall of Fame. No that didn’t happen, keep looking Jay. However, Jay did score a very nice guest appearance on the water values podcast where he spoke on Lucky’s Lake Swim, The Lake Cane Restoration Society and his enemies list. So to find out if you made Jay’s enemies list listen carefully to the podcast. Strong work Jay! (I said “strong work” just so I don’t get on Jay’s next enemies list)

Speaking of the 1K Butterfly Mann swim, Kathleen became the first woman to earn this highly questionable distinction.

When Abby  finishes swimming around Manhattan she will have compeleted the triple crown (She has already done the English and Catalina channels) What she doesn’t realize yet, that having swam Lucky’s Lake swim she will have done the grand slam! Lucky’s Lake Swim, the two channels and Manhattan. Who else wants to sign up?

These three individuals have all completed the Butterfly Mann swim (1 kilometer no-stop butterfly at Lucky’s Lake Swim) You may well wonder why they are all smiling. One of these swimmers also did a 4000 IM in the lake. I’ll give you a hint nobody over 5foot tall has managed to do this feat.

Dayle Peabody scores his 100K cap.

Dennis (a one word name much like Madonna and Cher) has completed his 500th crossing in 3 years and 8 months. When he completes his 1000th crossing he has vowed to sign his last name to the wall as well.

Please vote for Lucky.  YOU MUST REGISTER FOR YOUR VOTE TO COUNT. Also add a comment welcoming others to join our swim.  VOTE HERE

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Holiday Times, Frogman Swim breaks $10K barrier, Vote for Lucky and more

Over $10,000 raised for the Navy SEAL Foundation through the Frogman Black Ops 5K swim.  Many congratulations to the over 120 swimmers and special thanks to the organizing team, volunteers, and many sponsors.

Thanksgiving is around the corner so here are the holiday swim times:

Monday 6:30 AM
Tuesday 6:30 AM
Wednesday 7:45AM
Thanksgiving Day 7:45 AM
Black Friday 7:45 AM
Saturday 7:45 AM

The lake heater is currently malfunctioning, repair crew says they will be working on it night and day until it is fixed sometime in late March.  Current water temp is about 72 which I know is confusing with folks thinking it must be colder, but that is because Heffernan starts putting on the black rubber sausage suit when the temp drops below 84.

Many thanks for all that have voted for Lucky for the World Open Water Swimming Assoc Man of the Year Award. The voting is still open and you can vote by clicking Here VOTE NOWPlease, please write a comment when you vote.  Although posts about Lucky’s personal hygiene issues are fine, what we would really like to see are invitations to the readers to come join us for a lake swim. All the folks reading comments will likely be just like us, those who love open water swimming, and what an amazing opportunity this can be to spread the welcome to our swim.

Many may think T- Day is a low numbers day for lake swimming, but it is not. We all think alike, we must rationalize the excessive calorie intake later in the day and this is the ticket. See you 7:45AM

Barb scored her Silver 500K Cap on Saturday but she was so cold her teeth turned blue (true). Although, alternate theories have been proposed.

Before the Frogman Night Ops Swim Hef tried to sink the Kayak.

Yes, it really was dark during the Frogman Night Ops Swim! Congrats to all the crazy folks that did the swim this year (120+) over $10,000 raised for the Navy Seal Foundation. Thanks to all the volunteers and special thanks to Dave Heffernan, Kevin Curly, and Glenn Baker 

We thank the many Frogman Night Ops 5K sponsors. Lucky’s Lake Swim, Lake Cane Restoration Society, United Healthcare, Integrity Mortgage, Mediatech, Oblivion Taproom, Orlando Brewing, Off the hook replicas.com, Hammer Nutrition.

A cool guy, wearing a cool shirt and a cool medal counting on both hands how many beers he had at the post Frogman Night Ops swim party.

If you live in Chicago and know any dead voters please let them know about Lucky (and vote often). Comments are always welcome, but if you are dead and voting, please leave that part out. VOTE HERE

Glenn warns new swimmers about the lake cane monster but reassures everyone that it only feeds in the dark, so no problem as long as you finish before sunset.

You should see Volker’s shoes after he turned the lights on in them.

Clover, age six completes the lake swim and wants to do it again.

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ESPN films at Lucky’s Lake Swim, George Mann does butterfly for his 80th birthday and more…

A special day on Saturday as ESPN came and filmed swimming superstar and Olympic Legend Rowdy Gaines participating in Lucky’s Lake Swim.  They are doing a 30 for 30 ESPN documentary on Rowdy.  Hopefully, some of the footage will be included in the documentary and they took a lot of B roll shots so if you swam that day you may end up in the film (or you may end up on the cutting room floor).  I will let folks know when the film will air. Who knows we may have a premier showing, we shall see.

Congrats to George Mann who turned 80 and swam the lake butterfly.  In honor of this event, we have established the ButterflyMann award bumper sticker.  It’s easy, swim 1K butterfly, legally, with no swimming aids and you will get the bumper sticker. Don’t all rush to do it at once.  Oh yeah, we need confirmation by a reliable observer (Ron will need confirmation by 27 observers with a public notary).

Don’t forget the sign-up deadline for the Night Ops swim is rapidly approaching.  You need to sign up now to make sure you get the cool t-shirt.  The 4th Annual Lucky’s Lake Swim Black Ops Frogman Swim will be held Nov 11th  Sign up


Lake Cane Restoration Society Lake Front planting/education class is coming up Saturday.  Talk to Jay Madigan for more details.

Get your bumper sticker now.  Just swim a 1K butterflyMann at Lucky’s Lake Swim.

Three generations of Lucky’s Lake Swim swimmers. Marlie Dan and Mary Hayes. Over 25 years ago Dan shot Lucky in the head with a bottle rocket while Lucky was riding a jet ski a few feet from where this photo was taken. If you don’t believe me check out the video HERE.

George Mann (on his 80th birthday) with daughter Judy and swag for crossing the lake butterfly.

George Mann with water wings. I didn’t know that plastic was invented that long ago?

A possible poem entry for the lake cane restoration society. Written by George Mann in the 1940s. He liked swimming and butterfly even before the butterfly stroke was invented.

Rowdy Gaines with some of the DP high school swim team that swam the lake this Saturday. I believe only one of them finished in front of Rowdy.

ESPN filming Rowdy at the lake swim. Lucky is desperately trying to photobomb the shot but he is not a master of the art like Ron.

The epitome of cool is having this bumper sticker on your car . . . even if you are just using it to cover up some missing paint.

First-time swimmers on Saturday. Where do all of these people keep coming from? Eventually, we have to run out of first-time swimmers.

Where’s Waldo?

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A reminder of our next big event is that ESPN is filming a biography on Rowdy Gaines this coming Saturday, Oct 14th. My understanding is we will have some refreshments following the swim and a special “gift” for the swimmers.  Rowdy, as most of you know, is a triple Olympic gold medalist in the 1984 games an inductee into the International Swimming Hall of Fame and Olympic Hall of Fame. He went on to become an NBC Olympic Sportscaster which he continues in this role.  Very deservedly so he is referred to as the “Ambassador of Swimming”. Rowdy has swum multiple times in the past at Lucky’s Lake Swim and he has asked ESPN to film him during our swim (Many thanks, Rowdy!!!).  We would like to have an excellent turnout for the swim Saturday, October 14th.  It’s great that Rowdy would show support for our swim so let’s be there to support him!  

October 17th George Mann “aka Cypress Sam” will be celebrating his 80th birthday by swimming the lake butterfly “The ButterflyMann Swim”. George is a pioneer with Lucky’s Lake Swim having been swimming the lake with Lucky since the early 90s.  Why George wants to do this nobody knows. You would think after 80 years he would be able to think of something a bit more civilized to do to celebrate.

Once George has done his crossing you will be able to earn this very cool sticker. All it takes is a 1K butterfly swim.

The 4th Annual Lucky’s Lake Swim Black Ops Frogman Swim will be held Nov 11th  Sign up Here.

Saturday November 11th Sign up Now!

Michael Freidman completes 600 crossing. What is the award for that you ask? Well, you’re looking at it, he gets to ring the big bell six times. Just think what he would do if the award was opium.


Lucky needs a lead. The underwater hockey team got in hot water with the State Health Dept. and had to remove their underwater hockey court from the YMCA Aquatic Center. After a long process the Y was able to get a variance for the court, but before it is replaced some of the bottom marking needs to be retouched. To do this Lucky needs an indoor or covered area that is flat and not exposed to water that is a minimum 75′ by 45′ if anyone knows of a warehouse, barn, banquet hall,  hanger, etc that might be usable for this purpose please let Lucky know. We need the area for about a week and would be able to pay a rental fee. Many thanks to anyone that knows of this kind of space.

A big GIANT thanks to Dave Winslow for making our steps safe. You the Man!

Amy Jackson scores her entry in the 1000K club. Not only is she a great swimmer but also a ferocious underwater hockey player. If you don’t believe me come on out to one of our scrimmages and she will school you.

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ESPN Filming Rowdy at Lucky’s Lake Swim 10/14/17 and more . . .

Great news that ESPN is filming a biography on Rowdy Gaines. ESPN has done many hour-long biographies on sports celebrities and now it is finally time for a swimmer.  Rowdy, as most of you know, is a triple Olympic gold medalist in the 1984 games an inductee into the International Swimming Hall of Fame and Olympic Hall of Fame. He went on to become an NBC Olympic Sportscaster which he continues in this role.  Very deservedly so he is referred to as the “Ambassador of Swimming”. Rowdy has swum multiple times in the past at Lucky’s Lake Swim and he has asked ESPN to film him during our swim (Many thanks, Rowdy!!!).  We would like to have an excellent turnout for the swim Saturday, October 14th.  It’s great that Rowdy would show support for our swim so let’s be there to support him!  Marc Middleton with Growing Bolder did a great video of Rowdy’s first swim at Lucky’s if you missed it you can see it by Clicking Here

Although you may think ESPN is filming Rowdy because of his legendary swimming fame we all know that they are trying to cash in on Rowdy’s budding career as a zombie. If they gave academy awards for best zombie of the year . . . well you decide.

October 17th George Mann “aka Cypress Sam” will be celebrating his 80th birthday by swimming the lake butterfly “The ButterflyMann Swim”. George is a pioneer with Lucky’s Lake Swim having been swimming the lake with Lucky since the early 90s.  If you don’t believe it, see this first known video of a Lucky’s Lake Swim from 1994 below. It might be difficult to spot him as he still has hair and it’s not all gray.

The Annual Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic swim meet will be held the weekend of Oct 13-15th.  Sign up Here


The 4th Annual Lucky’s Lake Swim Black Ops Frogman Swim will be held Nov 11th  Sign up Here.

Saturday November 11th Sign up Now!

Bindergate continues: For those that closely follow the machinations of the Lake Cane Restoration Society be aware that the board continues to be mired in the deepening “Bindergate” controversy.  A source which prefers to be called only by the name “Shallow Throat” reveals that not only are there hidden meanings to the numbers on the board member’s binders, but the binder colors also have some form of cult-like symbolism.  Complaints have been noted by some board members that the font size of their personal binder should be bigger than the font size of some of the other board members. The font size envy faction of the board is becoming more vocal and aggressive and there have been undertones of a purge of these radical members.  Although the structure of the board seems stable for the moment if the “Shades of Green” Faction (It turns out if you do a spectral analysis of the green folders there are several slight color variations in the green color of the green binders making it unclear which shade designates more political clout.) forms a coalition with the Font Size Envy Faction then a real schism of the board could occur. When Board President Lucky was asked by a reporter for a comment, he screamed “This is SPARTA!” and pushed her into a bottomless pit; therefore this will probably not be the last you hear of “Bindergate”.  We can only hope that we can allow, even more time at the next board meeting to thoroughly vet this burgeoning controversy.

Lucky is very grateful for the nice birthday yo-yo he was given last week from the lake swimmers. Unfortunately, the posting of photos of men in speedos playing oversized yo-yos is illegal in Tajikistan where there is currently an outstanding warrant for Lucky’s arrest (might be a good law for the USA to consider as well) It is presently unclear whether Jerry is considered an accomplice.


Sonny Gorospe earned his entry into the exclusive 100K club. That’s equivalent time wise of watching the entire Game of Thrones series, but you don’t get a cool baseball cap for doing that!

Lucky’s Lake Swimmers representing at the Alligator Lighthouse relief swim on Siesta Key with a Van Gogh painting that they apparently looted from an empty evacuated home.

Ron Davis is selling his mansion on Lake Cane a great opportunity to own a home within walking distance of Lucky’s Lake Swim. Click on the information link to see more information and photos of the home.  We would like to see this home go to a good lake swimming family or even a naughty lake swimming family.   See information .

Luna “Lucky’s Lake Swim” new starter dog in training. Recently set a new record of pooping 3x peeing 3x in a space of 5 minutes. You could actually see the puppy get smaller. Everybody watch your step!


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Hurricane aftermath and more . . .

We just got notified that there is a shortage of blood in Central Florida so it is very timely that the Bloodmobile will be at Lucky’s Lake swim in the morning.  Many thanks ahead of time to all those that are donating blood!

If you are still without hot showers and electricity the YMCA Aquatic Center is happy for the community to come in for a shower and charge of electronic devices. You don’t have to be a member.

The Lake Cane Restoration Society had a very successful meeting at Pammie’s Sammies. The meeting ran smoothly with the exception of  “Bindergate” which was interesting to watch (you had to be there). We will be reporting further on “Bindergate” as more information comes forward.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Frogman 5K Night Ops swim on Nov 11th  Click here to sign up!

Two different perspectives of the Hurricane Irma swim one from each side of the lake. Thanks to Randy for filming the two individuals of “questionable intelligence” that he noticed swimming the lake in the morning.


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Monday Lake Swim 7:45am

If anyone shows up tomorrow for the Lake swim it will be at 7:45 am.  If the power is out the gate may be closed or blown part way closed so park on the road and walk around the fence if needed. We recommend not swimming if there is lightning.  We also recommend not swimming if you see, two by fours, human bodies or small vehicles flying through the air.

Audrey scores her 1000K club gold cap. Lucky hogs the picture. Where is Ron? I don’t believe this can be considered an official Lake Cane Swim Photo without Ron doing a photo bomb. We may have to retake it next week. BTW that knife Lucky is holding is made of Dragonglass, deadly against white walkers (Ice zombies), Gators, Lake Cane Monsters, and keeping Ron out of photos.

The newest addition to the Lucky’s Lake Swim family being walked by Saint Jacquie. Her name is Luna ( she has a crescent moon on her snout – it’s a stretch but if you squint your eyes you can see it) She is 8 weeks old and her breed is a very common Chewpeepoopador, she should evolve into a Newfoundland Landseer in about 10 more weeks.

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Sharkicane Swim Saturday and Monday time change 7:45AM!

The bad news is that a hurricane is coming and sharks have been sucked airborne in the eye of the storm  (see below news report) the good news is we will most likely be swimming. Saturday swim as usual 7:45 am.  I personally don’t recommend swimming if there is lightning, but if it is only wind and white caps well each of you has to judge you own personal insanity to decide whether to swim.

Monday’s swim time is changing to 7:45 am because almost everything is being shut down on Monday and no point in getting up early to do the swim if you don’t have to go to work.

Labor Day was a most excellent swim with 22 first timers.  Over 130 swimmers joined in.

Lake Cane Restoration Society board meeting next Thursday. If you don’t know anything about this meeting then you are probably not one of the cool people that will be attending. All lake swimmers are welcome to attend (by definition all lake swimmers are cool).

Blood letting on Saturday 16th (Blood Mobile) You know the old saying “you can’t get blood out of a turnip” well the IRS has proved this wrong again and again, so no excuses, roll up your sleeves and give or we will set the IRS on you.




An important news flash reported by Dave Heffernan. It’s on the internet it must be true!

Our very own Special Olympics super star Gregg Dedic (center of photo) finished crossing 1000 and received his gold cap. Congrats Gregg. Behind him and to Gregg’s left is Pete Gold who also made the 1000 K club a couple of weeks ago.  This did not get reported in a timely fashion because Lucky has fin envy. 

Seth Elsheimer scores his 500K club cap. Please notice the old school 200K shirt. This really dates you Seth.

Brice gets his 200K shirt which would normally be impressive but he did it the same day that Gregg got his 1000K club milestone and it’s tough to stand in the shadow of a legend.

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